Rollers for Paper Machine Wire Section

Paper machine rollers
Paper machine wire part rollers contain Breast roller, Turning roller, Return roller, Suction couch roller, etc., different roller has its own effect, further instructions include the Stretcher roller and Guide roller, there are some tips about Stretcher roller and Guide roller, hope give you some support.

Stretcher roller and Guide roller

Stretcher rollers are used for tensioning and Guide rollers are used as calibration wire (some machines place the Guide rollers between the suction box and the couch roller). The correct operation of these rollers directly affect the normal progress of papermaking and wire service life.

Stretcher rollers

1. After the Stretcher roller is replaced with a new wire, it must be pre-tensioned to make it taut so that the wire can form a smooth wire surface and can not slip during operation. In operation, due to wire wear and Stretcher under the plastic deformation, there will be slack, need to timely Stretcher wire.

2. The wrapping angle between the Stretcher roller and the wire is mostly 10-15 °. The wrapping angle is too large, which causes the warp of the wire to be excessively tortuous, which directly affects the life of the wire. Do not run the wire too tight, slackening as much as possible during operation, otherwise it will make the wire edge, wire connectors and wire banners appear horizontal cracks, severely broken wire.

Guide roller

1. During Guide roller wire running, often appear deviation phenomenon. Deviation for many reasons, such as the roller position changes, not parallel, the vacuum box position or uneven vacuum, the concentration or the amount inconsistency of the slurry, inconsistent wire elongation, the pressure on the roller is inconsistent.

2. When the wire deviation with the Guide roller adjustment is invalid, can take the following ways to deal with: A. reduce the vacuum degree of the vacuum box; B. tighten the wire, these two methods can enhance the Guide roller role; c, if these two methods do not work, the Stretcher roller can be adjusted.

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