Right Price Paper Mill Machine Broken Pulper

Broken pulper can effectively remove ink, glue and other impurities in waste paper and improve the quality of paper pulp. Broken pulpers with good ink removal effects can produce high-quality pulp to meet the needs of different quality papers. Improved pulp quality also helps improve the quality of the final product.

Application and Features of Broken Pulper

1. Efficient ink removal capability helps to discharge detached ink particles and other impurities through a special device.

2. The pulping process can be controlled and factors such as rotation speed, pulp concentration and pulping time can be adjusted to achieve the required pulp quality.

3. The broken pulper is suitable for processing different types and qualities of waste paper, and is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet different production needs.

4. Equipped with an advanced automatic control system, which can set parameters and monitor the operating status of the entire pulping process, improving production efficiency and safety.

The broken pulper is a versatile and reliable piece of paper equipment in the paper and pulp industry, and it plays a key role in waste paper recycling. If you are building the pulp preparation line, welcome to contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com