Paper Recycled Deinked Pulping Line Machine Flotation Deinking Machine

The flotation deinking machine is a piece of equipment specially designed for the treatment of recycled pulp. It uses advanced flotation technology to effectively remove ink stains, improve pulp quality, and meet customers’ needs for high-quality recycled paper. The design of the flotation deinking machine enables scum and light impurities to be captured and eliminated, greatly reducing fiber loss. This can improve pulp yield and quality stability.

1. High-efficiency flotation: The equipment has a high-efficiency flotation effect, which can capture floating foam at a high concentration and reduce fiber loss.

2. Simple management and maintenance: The equipment is easy to maintain, which can reduce equipment downtime and maintenance time. At the same time, low power consumption and low operating costs also make the equipment more cost-effective to use.

3. Only one piece of equipment is needed to achieve 4-5 stages of flotation: Our paper making equipment has the function of multi-stage flotation, and only one piece of equipment is needed to complete the 4-5 stages of flotation process. Compared with traditional equipment, it takes up 40% of the flotation stage. The land area is smaller.

Through the above characteristics, our equipment can provide efficient and low-cost deinked recycled pulp processing, helping customers improve pulp quality and reduce production costs. Whether it is a pulp mill or a recycled paper processing plant, our equipment can provide you with reliable solutions. Email: