Paper Pulp Machine for Pulping Line Upgrade

waste paper recycling machine
Shanxi Pucheng Yongfeng Liya Paper Mill purchase paper pulp machine from our factory for their old kraft&corrugated paper making line upgrade. Recently we delivered Low density cleaner and M.C. Pressure Screen for customer.

Project information

Time: 2018.2.22
Customer name: Shanxi Pucheng Yongfeng Liya Paper Mill
Address: Pucheng, Shanxi, China
Project: kraft&corrugated paper making line upgrade
Delivered equipment: Low density cleaner, M.C. Pressure screen

Good quality and high efficiency paper pulp equipment can save many energy and manpower for paper maker, meanwhile improve the slurry quality to meet the paper making needs. At the same price, our machine has a higher screening efficiency, which is the biggest reason for buyers to choose us.