Paper Pulp Machine For 500tpd Corrugated Paper Making

Paper pulp machine

Recently Leizhan signed a contact with Nigeria Paper Mill to supply the whole sets of paper pulp machine for their new 500t/d corrugated paper production line, which used waste paper to produce corrugated paper and T paper. This time we delivered D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Reject separator, Agitator and profiles that install needed.

Project information

Time: September, 2017
Customer: Nigeria Paper Mill
Address: Nigeria
Project: 500t/d corrugated paper making
Delivered equipment: D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, Reject separator, etc.

500t/d corrugated paper Pulping Project

This corrugated paper making use waste paper as raw material, the pulping process contain D type hydrapulper continuous pulping system, High/Mid/Low density cleaner system, coarse screening system, fiber fractionation system, fine screening system and Approach flow system. Through pulper, cleaner and screening, and other processing, waste paper turn into accept pulp to meet the paper making needs.

Customer purchased all this paper pulp machine from Leizhan,this based on our high paper machine quality and make them believe that our machine can bring them benefits and increase their capacity, save energy power.