Paper Pulp Cleaner Machine

Paper pulp cleaner machine

The Leizhan Pulp Cleaner Machine utilizes modern technology which has evolved from over 37 years of experience. Cleaner machine contain High density cleaner and Low density cleaner, every paper pulping process need the High density cleaner as the second stage to remove heavy impurities, and Low density cleaner used in waste paper recycling line and other poor raw material pulping line, after the coarse screening.

Cleaner equipment: efficient removal of heavy impurities from slurry

High density cleaner and Low density cleaner are highly efficient in removing heavy impurities from stock. High density cleaner is different from the general cleaner, due to the unique design of the principle of liquid mechanics, can work in the high concentration of slurry transport process, does not affect the slag effect, the slurry once through the cleaner, The good pulp is washed back by pressure water and the fiber loss is almost zero.

Low density cleaner has open type and closed type to meet the paper making needs, the open type cleaner has a slurry tank under discharge port, the heavy impurities will be discharged automatically into the tank. Closed type cleaner use plastic pipe connect deslagging port with slag tank, easy to discharge impurities.

Advantages at a glance

  • High density cleaner=Durable double ceramic cones, Low density cleaner=The contact part with the pulp is stainless steel, the bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant resistant, ensures the stable deslagging and long service life.
  • Minimum space requirements
  • Easy to operate, maintain, and install
  • The slag effect is good and the fiber loss rate is almost zero.