Paper Mill Machine Eccentric Pulper

Eccentric pulper is designed to handle large volumes of wastepaper efficiently and can operate continuously or intermittently, depending on the production needs. The robust construction and efficient design of the eccentric pulper ensure high pulping efficiency and a consistent quality of the produced pulp.

Application & Features

1. The turbulent flow of water within the pulping chamber helps to carry away the detached ink particles and other contaminants through specially located outlets.

2. Pulper allows for control over the pulping process. Factors such as rotation speed, consistency of the pulp, and duration of pulping can be adjusted to achieve the desired pulp quality and consistency.

3. Allow to the addition of chemicals, such as deinking agents or dispersants, can be done during pulping to enhance the deinking process.

The eccentric pulper is available in various sizes and capacities to suit different production requirements. Welcome to contact us for more details of pulper. Email address: