Paper Mill Machine Drum Pulper

The drum pulper is an efficient pulping equipment that can process pulping raw materials such as wet waste paper and waste cardboard. The drum pulper can use the combination of rotating drum and blades to shear and stir the pulp raw materials, so that the pulp fibers can be effectively dispersed and pulped to a certain extent.

Key Features of Drum Pulper

1. Separate impurities, paper scraps, ink, etc. from the pulp, and discharge the waste residue through the slag discharge device to ensure the quality of the pulp and the production effect of the paper.

2. It has high processing capacity and processing efficiency, can continuously carry out the pulp beating process, and improves the production efficiency of the entire pulp preparation.

3. Reduce the workload of operators and simplify the operation process.

Drum pulper’s blade design and operating parameters can be adjusted as needed to achieve pulp refinement and control. Welcome to contact us. Email: