Paper Mill Machine Chain Conveyor

The chain conveyor is specifically engineered to tackle heavy loads and function flawlessly in rigorous industrial settings. Its resilient chain and robust framework guarantee a seamless and hassle-free operation, even when dealing with high-capacity materials.

Our chain conveyor can be personalized to cater to the precise requirements of your facility. Whether it’s straight-line transportation or maneuvering around bends and slopes, our conveyor system can be customized to seamlessly integrate into your current production line.

Application & Features of Chain Conveyor

1. To ensure the stability of the chain plates, we connect the two rows of chains as a solid unit using long shafts, preventing any deflection.

2. Our sprockets are crafted from cast steel, significantly improving wear resistance and longevity.

3. The baffle is uniquely designed in a V-shape, exceeding the effective conveying width by 400mm to facilitate increased material throughput.

4. The operation of our chain conveyors occurs in an orbital manner, ensuring smoothness, reliability, and minimizing friction and power consumption.

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