Maintenance of Drum Pulper

drum pulper

Structure of Drum Pulper

The Drum Pulper mainly consists of hopper, pulping area, screening area, slurry pool, spray pipe in stock pulping area, dilution water pipe, riding roller, catch wheel and gear transmission device. Drum is the core part of the device, which can be divided into repulping area and stock screening area.

Maintenance of Drum Pulper

    • Industrial gear oil is used for reducer, and is replaced every three months. When the new reducer is used for the first time, it must be replaced by the new lubricating oil after 20 days of operation.
    • Lubrication cycle of lubricating oil used in wheel equipment, catch wheel device and pinion bearings is half month.
    • Lubrication of transmission gears should be checked per shift.
    • Oil spray lubrication is used for small riding wheels and large riding wheels and should be checked once a day.
    • Regularly check if there is loosening in the bolts.
    • After each stop, remove the impurities such as iron nails and scrap iron on the sealing rope to keep a good seal, if there is serious wear and tear resulting in water leakage phenomenon, a new seal rope should be used.
    • Regularly check if there is blocking phenomenon of the water and drug pipes.

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