Pulping Machine -Low Density Cleaner For Paper Mill

low density cleaner

Pulping Machine -Low Density Cleaner mainly used for removing heavy impurities in the pulp like gravel, scrap iron, dust and large ink particles.

The Main Advantages Of Low Density Cleaner

1. Pulping Machine -Low Density Cleaner can be divided into 3-4 parts, which makes it easier for disassembly, assembly, replace.

2. Pulping Machine -Low Density Cleaner has different deslagging ways: open and closed type impurity discharge to meet different working environment.

3.Pulping Machine – Low Density Cleaner’s bottom of cone adopts wear-resistant ceramics. It ensures the stable deslagging.

4.Pulping Machine -Low Power Consumption: a:The unique structural design of the low-consistency slag remover allows the slurry to enter the slag
remover at any concentration of 0.4% to 2.0%.
b: The inlet pressure only needs to be 0.2 MPa to form a stable vortex, greatly reducing the power consumption of the system and Maintenance costs.

5. Long Service Life: a: The main body is made of wear-resistant stainless steel, which enhances the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the slag remover.
b:The scope of application is wider. The slag discharge cone has a double-layer design to ensure a
long service life.

6. Secondary Fiber Separation Device: Using a unique secondary fiber separation device, the fiber loss can be reduced to a minimum,
and the separation chamber wall is designed with a wear-resistant and transparent material, which can be observed conveniently.

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