Low Consistency Breaking System

Breaking system is an important process in paper making. Compared with drum pulper, low consistency breaking system used more machines, but has good performance on pulping and screening. It can remain fibers in maximum.

Machines in Low Consistency Breaking System

1.Chain conveyor:Conveying waste paper or pulp board in bundle or bulk.
2.D type hydrapulper:Pulping machine, make pulp and rotor contacting frequent and quick.
3.Grapple:Grabbing large impurities from sediment well.
4.Hrdrapurge:Removing light and heavy impurity in pulping process.
5.Drum Screen:Removing large light impurities from waste paper pulp.
6.Ragger:Getting rid of twisting impurities from paper pulp, like iron wire, string, plastic, yarn, etc.
7.Rope cutter:Applied for cutting off the rope from ragger

Low consistency breaking system is an ideal soultion for many paper mills. If you do not want to loss much fibers, then it is a good way to havea try. Welcome to consult for free. Leave your message or send email to leizhanworld@gmail.com