Kraft Paper Making Line

Kraft paper machine

Kraft paper making line include two parts:paper pulp making line and paper making line.So, a complete paper industry must contain paper pulp machines and paper machine. Paper pulp machine used to make waste paper (such as waste packing box,waste office paper and so on)become fine pulp for paper forming on the paper machine.

Kraft Paper Pulp Making Line As Follows:

  • 1. Pulping

Waste papers are conveyed by chain conveyor into the hydrapulper( You can choose D-Type Hydrapulper or Drum Pulper according to your request)for pulping.

  • 2. Screening

Stock pulp will enter the High Density Cleaner to be removed heavy impurity like staples ,bolts,stones etc.And the next the fine pulp will through a series screening equipment(such as pressure screen,vibrating screen etc.) to remove oversized,troublesome and unwanted particles from good paper making fibers.In most instances, it is the size of perforations(usually holes and slots) that determine the minimum size of debris that will be removed.

  • 3. Finally the fine pulp will be screened again by the inflow pressure screen to into the headbox of paper machine .The complete paper pulp making line is finished.

Paper Making Line As Follows:

  • 1. Formatting of paper sheet
    The paper will be formed from stock pulp on a cylinder(one parts of paper machine),the paper will be removed the water as far as possible and carried onto the wire for sheet formation.
  • 2. Pressing
    As the sheet enters the press section it is still quite wet.Considerable amounts of water may be removed by the pressing and suction extered by the press part.
  • 3. Sizing
    The permeability of paper to liquids,such as water,writing inks etc,is very important property.
  • 4. Drying
    The sheet,as it passes from the press section,should be as dry as possible so that it can be made mechanically.From this point it is necessary to apply heat in order to reach the desired state of dryness.The most usual method of drying uses steam-heated dryers.
  • 5. Calendering
    As the sheet undergoes the drying process there is a tendency for the fibers to lift slightly, it is passed through a stack of heavy metal rolls where it is calendered under high pressure.The purpose of calender stack is to compress the sheet and give it a fine smooth finish.
  • 6. Reeling and Winding
    Paper making is a continuous process from the headbox to the calender.After the sheet leaves the calender it must be put into a form that can be easily transported and handled.The first step in this process is to wind the sheet on a reel,then the large roll taken from the reel must be slit and trimmed on winder into the size required by converting and customer.

During the processing of Kraft paper making,some other equipments are also important.

Pulp chest Agitator:Used to stir pulp cyclically in square chest to maintain the pulp liquid in suspending condition,which ensures the pulp components even distribution, and it is good for fully reaction of chemical liquid.

Pulp Pump: Mainly used for transporting liquid or solid materials in paper making,coal,mine ,electric power food,urban sewage industry,etc.

Data of Kraft Paper Machine

  • Trimmed Width(mm):1200-6600
  • Basis Weight(GSM):60-350
  • Production Capacity(TPD):10-1000

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