Kraft Paper Fourdrinier Machine For Paper Mill

Our company has designed a customized 3200mm double fkraft paper fourdrinier machine based on the customer’s specific design requirements for this project. In addition to outlining a few essential parameters of the kraft paper fourdrinier machine, this article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the press part of the machine.

The parameters of Kraft Paper Fourdrinier Machine

1. Product variety: kraft paper

2. Copying quantity: 80-200gsm

3. Clean paper width: 3200 mm

4. Track gauge: 4300 mm (finally subject to design)

5. Design speed: 100-180 meters/minute

6. Output: 100 tons/day

Details of Kraft Paper Fourdrinier Machine

Pressing form: It consists of two large-diameter roller presses.

The press consists of two large-diameter roller presses. The upper roller of the second press is an artificial stone roller, and the rest are blind hole rollers. All press rubber rollers are covered with high-line-pressure-resistant synthetic rubber, and the bearings of the large-diameter press rollers are made of tiles. Fangdian bearings.

Felt design tension: 6KN/m

Pressurization method: pneumatic pressurization

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