Industrial Bale Breaker For Paper Mill Machine

Pulp bales used in the paper industry are usually packed in bags or paper rolls of pulp raw materials, and bale breakers are applied to unpack them. The unbaled pulp from the bale breaker can better enter subsequent pulp processing processes, such as pulping and pulp filtration. Bale breaker can also separate paper and other foreign matter in the pulp bale from the pulp, ensuring that the pulp passed to subsequent processes is of good quality.

Application & Features

1. Help pulp separation. The separation process is carried out through vibration, physical force, etc. to improve efficiency and quality.

2. Further break up the paper in the pulp package to increase the uniformity and stability of the pulp.

3. Help the pulp mixing, processing and forming in subsequent processes.

4. Monitor and adjust parameters such as vibration frequency and feeding speed in real time, and optimize the separation and dispersion process to improve production efficiency and pulp quality.

Bale Breaker can improve the processing efficiency of pulp raw materials, reduce energy consumption and environmental impact, and realize automated and multifunctional pulp processing processes. Feel free to email us for details. Email address: