How to Use Paper Making Felt?

Paper machine felt

Felt, paper machine expensive consumables, it is necessary to master the correct method of use, so how to use paper machine felt to extend the service life?

Paper Machine Felt

In the production process, the fine fibers of slurry, fillers, plastic materials, pigment and other substances, as well as impurities in the production of water, easily adheres to the felt, clogging the felt hole, affecting the absorption and drainage of the felt.
According to the survey, the felt off the machine, not less than 90% due to wear and tear but due to blockage, we can see that the key to using the felt is washing. Felt washing method in the normal production of continuous washing and down two kinds of washing.
1) water needle spray cleaning: water pressure at 1.47 ~ 2.45 × 106 Pa, its advantage is less water, the use of water needle forced impact can be less chemical cleaning agent. The disadvantage is the greater damage to the felt. Cleaning surface for the felt sticker page, washing water temperature reactor recommended to use about 50 ℃, in order to enhance the cleaning effect of France, can be determined according to the actual production.
2) intermittent chemical cleaning on machine: intermittent cleaning detergent, hydrochloric acid or lye can be used to make them more appropriate concentration, can be moved to the full width of the felt, within a specified period of time after the chemical concentrate, with water the chemicals left in the felt washed away. Acid cleaning, the concentration of not more than 5% of the dilute acid, or nylon encountered more concentrated acid, will make the hair harden, affecting water filtration.
3) Continuous cleaning on the machine: can keep the final state of the felt in order to achieve the highest copy efficiency, continuous cleaning on the machine is the best way. It is not about removing dirt that does not clog the felt, but trying to remove the dirt before it fouls the felt or just as it penetrates the felt. Continuous cleaning detergent concentration is generally 0.01 ~ 0.06%. Continuous cleaners are more expensive but have the advantage of extending the life of the felt and often keeping the felt in its best condition, helping to reduce consumption, reduce breakage losses and improve paper quality.