How to Make High Quality Paper Pulp

Pulping is an important step in paper making process. It is a question that how to pulp high quality paper pulp. Here are several tips about improving quality of paper pulp.

Steps of Paper Pulping

1.Preparation: The first step is to prepare the raw material, which includes wood pulp, waste paper, white shavings, etc.
2.Pulping: All types of raw material are pulped by different pulpers depending on the production requirement, such as Drum Pulper, High Consistency Pulper, Mid Consistency Pulper, etc.
3.Screening: The pulp is screened thoroughly to collect and remove remaining impurities.
4.Cleaning: Get rid of the heavy and light impurities from paper pulp, and make preparation for the next step.
5.Bleaching (optional): If the high-quality, white pulp is desired, the pulp may undergo a bleaching process using chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide.
6.Refining: The refined pulp is further processed by mechanical means to improve its quality and strength. Usually, beating the fibers with a refiner.
7.Storage: The final pulp is then stored in a tank or chest until it is ready to be made into paper.

The key to producing high-quality paper pulp is to ensure that the resulting fibers are uniform, strong, and free of impurities. All machines applied in the paper pulping line are provided in Leizhan. Welcome to consult. Email: