How to improve the quality of Paper During the Process of Making Paper

 how to improve the quality of paper during the process of making paper

Beating is a very important procedure before papermaking. It directly affects whether the paper machine is produced normally and whether the quality of the paper is good or bad.

we have many kinds of pulping machine.The Double Disc Refiner, which pulping machine has good beating effect, and easy to control. The Disc Thickener, used to wash thicken for low consistency slurry, it has reasonable structure for pulp cleaning and stripping.

There are other good pulping machine and paper machine in our company can improve the the quality of Paper During the Process of Making Paper, welcome to consult with us for more details.

The main conditions of the beating process

1. slurry concentration: When the concentration of the slurry is unstable, it will affect the fluctuation of the quantitative amount of paper. In severe cases, the paper machine will be broken and cannot be copied normally. There are four factors influencing the instability of slurry concentration.a. Pure slurry concentration change. b. Beating process concentration adjustment . c. Damaged paper concentration. d. White water system instability.
2. Slurry resolution: When the degree of beating is low, there will be a phenomenon in which the net portion is dehydrated too fast, the fiber is not well bonded, and the tissue is uneven. When the beating degree is too high, the wet paper sheet of the undulating roller is excessively wet, the paper wet paper strength is lowered, and the breakage occurs.
3. Slurry ratio: The ratio of the slurry depends on the characteristics of the raw materials, the pulping method, the performance of the paper machine, the variety and quality requirements of the paper, etc.
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