Headbox Paper Machine In Papermaking Process

Headbox paper machine

Headbox paper machine is the key part of modern paper machine, its structure and performance has a decisive role on paper formation and quality. The headbox effectively disperses the fibers in the pulp to prevent fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, increasing the strength of the paper.

The function and task of the headbox

  • Along the paper machine banners evenly distributed pulp
  • To ensure uniform pressure, uniform speed, uniform flow
  • Effective dispersion of pulp fibers to prevent fiber flocculation
  • Maintain a stable sizing head and pulp ratio

Working priciple

Headbox use low-pulse water mercury on the dilution of white water for differential pressure water supply, according to the scanning frame to scan the paper into the quantitative curve, manually or automatically adjust the dilution valve switch, the slurry into the headbox tank bundle dilution, to improve the local quantitative paper and the quantitative entire page paper.