Fourdrinier Wire Paper Machine For Paper Mill

The paper sheets produced by the fourdrinier paper machine have a large vertical and horizontal tension ratio, generally between (2.5~5):1, and are only suitable for making general-purpose paper; and long-fiber special papers, such as tea filter paper and casing paper , automobile filter paper and other long fiber papers, the finished product requires that the aspect ratio and transverse tension ratio be as small as possible.

Due to the special forming and dehydration principles of the inclined wire former, it is neither spray-formed like fourdrinier paper machine nor hanging-formed like rotary wire paper machine. Instead, the fiber is “deposited” through the suction effect of vacuum dehydration. “On the web, during the operation of the web, there is no large external force to change the free arrangement of the fibers. The formed fibers are arranged on the web without obvious directionality and can be evenly distributed in all directions on the web, thus achieving the desired result. The purpose is to have a small difference in the longitudinal and transverse tensile forces of the paper.

The general longitudinal and transverse tension ratio is (1.1~2.5):1, which can meet the requirements of the longitudinal and transverse tension properties of various long fiber special papers. If you need papermaking equipment, please contact us. Email address: