Daily 40T Toilet Paper Production Line

By leveraging cutting-edge equipment and meticulous processes, our toilet paper production line optimizes the efficiency of the pulping and refining phases. Through the incorporation of advanced screening and cleaning technologies, our toilet paper production lines effectively eliminate impurities and contaminants, safeguarding the purity and cleanliness of the pulp.

Details of Toilet Paper Production Line

1. Paper type: toilet paper

2. Maximum gross output of reeling machine: 40 tons/day

3. Paper Raw Materials: reed pulp

4. Reeling machine quantitative: Minimum: 13gsm Maximum: 32gsm

5. Pulp beating degree: 25–35 0R

6. Maximum working speed: 600 m/min

7. Balance speed: 800 m/min

8. Maximum paper roll diameter: 2.200 mm

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