Corrugated Paper Machine Two-roll Calender Technical Solution

As the material passes through the two-roll calender, it is compressed and smoothed out. This can improve its surface finish, increase its thickness uniformity, and reduce the amount of air trapped within the material. The two-roll calender can also be used to add embossing, patterning, or special coatings to the material by changing the texture of the rollers used.

Details of two-roll calender

Quantity: 1 set
Type: two-roll pneumatic calender

1. Frame: Q235A steel plate welding
Structure: pneumatic pressurization and lifting, equipped with cylinders, pressurization arm is Q235 welding

2. Calender upper/lower roller: Φ650×2850mm
Roller material: condensed cast iron

3. Scraper: Q235 steel plate welding
Blade: EP

Two-roll calenders come in both hot and cold varieties. In a hot two-roll calender, the rollers are heated to a specified temperature and the material is passed through while still hot. This can help give the material a more permanent shape and set certain coatings or treatments. In a cold two-roll calender, the rollers are not heated, and the material is passed through at room temperature.

Overall, a two-roll calender is an important machine used in many industrial processes to improve the quality and consistency of materials.

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