Coarting Paper Pulping Line

paper pulp machine

Leizhan received an order for 40t/d coarting paper production line from Hubei Xingfengyuan Paper mill. Then Leizhan representatives came to visit customer’s factory and signed the contract on supplying the complete 40t/d pulp production line.

40T/D Coating Paper Pulping Line

Raw matrial: LOCC (waste paper)

Capacity: 40t/d

customer name: Hubei Xingfengyuan Paper Mill

Machine and equipment required in 40t/d coating paper pulp production line:

Pulper equipment: D type hydrapulper

Cleaner: High density cleaner, low density cleaner

Screening equipment: M.C. coarse pressure screen, M.C. fine pressure screen

Stock Approach System: Inflow pressure screen