Approach System Cone Cleaner For Paper Making Line

Cone Cleaner

Cone cleaner is a part of approach system, used before pressure screen, can further clean the pulp, reduce damage to subsequent equipment to a minimum, Leizhan supplies high quality cleaner equipment for paper making friends, the following is some details about this machine.

Approach System Cleaner Equipment

The heavy particles are rotated outwardly under the action of centrifugal force and fall along the inner wall of the cleaner.Light particles are concentrated in the middle and flow upwards under the action of the slurry flow.

Requirements of Cleaner

  • The cleaner is operated under a certain pressure difference.
  • The pressure must remain stable.
  • The pressure has an effect on flow rate, concentration, concentration factor and slag removal efficiency.
  • In order to avoid clogging and unnecessary wear, and get a good slag removal efficiency, the correct value of the pressure set is very important.
  • Under normal circumstances the cleaner is a cascade connection, the first paragraph of the main role is to slag, the role of other segments is fiber recovery.

Advantages of Cone Cleaner:

1. High efficiency slag removal
2. Good runiness
3.Flexible assembly system
4. Separately equipped with valves
5. Replacement of wear parts
6. Flexible design