60m/min Corrugated Paper Machine

4600mm corrugated paper machine

Corrugated paper machine is specifically built to produce high-quality corrugated paper at an impressive speed of 60 meters per minute, ensuring a seamless production process.

Equipped with state-of-the-art components and features, our corrugated paper machine ensures consistent and precise corrugating, resulting in sturdy and reliable corrugated boards.

Details Of Corrugated Paper Machine

1. Paper Grade: Corrugated paper

2. Quantitative range: 80-200gsm

3. Net paper width: 2600mm

4. Working speed: 60-100m/min

5. Production capacity: 30-40t/d

6. Wire width: 3000mm

7. Pulp ratio: waste paper

The sturdy structure of the corrugated paper machine ensures durability and service life, enabling continuous and uninterrupted production of corrugated paper. If you are interested in the corrugated paper machine, please feel free to contact us. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com