5TPD Culture Paper Machine

Culture paper machine

5t/d culture paper making line include paper pulping process and culture paper production process, there are many factors that affect the quality of pulp and finished paper during the papermaking process, like the viscosity of the pulp, the quality of the raw material, the type of additive, and the moisture content of the drying, and all this require high quality paper machines to ensure the ability to achieve.

Paper pulp machine for culture paper making

Generally high-grade culture paper use wood pulp or white shavings as raw material, sometimes use waste book, newspaper and magazine as material, the following is some technical data about this material pulping project.
Wood pulp/white shavings
Horizontal Chain conveyor: translate wood pulp into pulper equipment, the length according to papermaking needs.
Vertical hydrapulper: 3m³, C=3~5%, Power: 37kwh
High density cleaner: Q=900~1400l/min, C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5Mpa
Double disc refiner: ∅380mm, C=3~5%,  Power: 37kwh
Claflin refiner: ∅380mm, C=3~5%, Power: 55kwh

Culture paper machine

Final paper kind: culture paper
Net width: 1575mm
Gauge: 2400mm
Base weight: 60~80gsm
Working speed: 40~60 m/min
Structure speed: 100m/min
Capacity: 5t/d
Drive form: section variable frequency drive
Accessory equipment: Cylinder Winding Machine: Φ900×1850×2400