300TPD Kraft Paper Making Project

kraft paper machine

300t/d kraft paper making line divides into paper pulping process and kraft paper machine two steps, Leizhan supply high quality paper machines to help paper maker produce high quality paper.

300T/D Wast paper stock preparation Line

Drum pulper: Ø3250mm, h=12/10/9mm, C=14~18%
High density cleaner: Q=8000~12000l/min, C=3~5%
Coarse pressure screen: A=2.28㎡, h=2.0mm, C=3~4%
Low density cleaner: 1000ml/min, C=1%
Fine pressure screen: A=3.54㎡, s=0.18mm, C=1.0%

Kraft Paper Machine

Paper kind: kraft paper, corrugated paper, cardboard paper
GSM: 180~400g/㎡
Trimmed width: 4200mm
Working speed: 300~400m/min
Center distance: 5600mm
Drive form: Sectional Variable Frequency Drive
Machine overall size(LWH): 112000×12500×8000