2880mm Corrugated Paper Underfeed Rewinder

Underfeed rewinders are designed with precision controls for tension, speed, and cutting, ensuring that the rewound rolls maintain consistent quality and dimensions. Underfeed rewinders are equipped with slitters and other cutting mechanisms to trim the edges and produce the desired roll widths.

Details Of Rewinder

1. Threaded paper type: underfeed paper

2. Maximum tension: 1200N/m

3. Paper basis weight: 120-600gsm

4. Finished paper diameter: Φ1500mm

5. Working speed: 1000m/min

6. Inner diameter of paper tube core: 76mm

In order to improve the convenience and efficiency of human-computer interaction, the corrugated paper underfeed rewinder can introduce a visual operation interface and a human-machine interface. Feel free to ask us for details. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com