200tpd High Strength Corrugated Paper Making Project

High strength corrugated paper machine

200T/D High strength corrugated paper making line includes waste paper pulping process and corrugated paper making process, both this two process take a important role in corrugated paper making, the paper pulp equipment and corrugated paper machine have a directly influence on finished paper quality.

Waste Paper Pulping Equipment

Drum pulper: C=14~18%, can replace the whole continuous pulping system, used for raw material pulping.

High Density Cleaner: C=3~5%, P=0.2~0.5MPa; used for removing impurities to clean pulp.

M.C. Pressure Screen: C=3~4%, can used for coarse and fine screening according screen basket.

Low density cleaner: C=7~8%, remove impurities in pulp.

Inflow pressure screen: C=0.4~1.2%, Pressure  difference: 0.01~0.03MPa, 。make the slurry evenly, and flow to the headbox.

Corrugated paper machine

Paper grade: high strength corrugated paper

Wire width: 4200mm

Width of sheet on reel: 3650mm

Width of sheet on winder: 3600mm

Work speed: 260~460m/min

Design Speed: 500m/min

Capacity: 200t/d