190T/D Corrugated Paper Production Line

Kraft paper machine

Whether you produce corrugated paper in your paper company? And how many capacity you want in your paper making line? We design the suitable solution for you according to your requirements, you can see the following corrugated paper making project and know something about us.

Technical specification

Stock mix ratio: US waste: 20%, State waste: 80%

Finished production: A high-strength corrugated paper

Width of paper: 3600mm

Width of rolling paper: 3650mm

Working speed: 300-460m/nin

Capacity: 190t/d

working process

Headbox—wire—Φ650 vacuum suction device—Φ900 / Φ850 vacuum press—Φ1350 double felt big roll press — Φ1350 double felt big roll press—Φ1500Dryer(34) —Sizing section—Φ1500Dryer(14)—Reel machine—Rewinder machine