180GSM Coating Board Paper Machine

Coating board paper machines can be divided into single-sided coated and double-sided coated paperboards according to different needs. The choice of coating board paper machines depends on the specific application requirements, such as abrasion resistance, moisture barrier, etc.

Coating board paper machines have high quality and efficiency, can reduce waste and energy consumption, and reduce production costs. Coating board paper machines can adapt to various types of paperboard materials, such as white board paper, gray board paper, pearlescent paper, etc., to meet the needs of different application fields.

Details Of Coating Board Paper Machine

1. Types of paper: Coated white board paper

2. Papermaking quantity: 180~300 gsm

3. Clean paper width: 4200 mm

4. Design speed: 350 m/min

5. Dynamic balancing speed: 400 m/min

6. Coating method: scraper metering coating

7. Gauge: 5300 mm

Coating board paper machines sold by Leizhan Machinery use high-quality components and stable mechanical structures, which have good reliability and durability, reducing maintenance and failure rates. If you need a high-quality paper machine, contact us today. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com