1800 Four Wires Multi Cylinders Paper Machine

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Paper Machine Design Process

This machine is suitable for making bobbin paper with a width of 1880mm and a basis weight of 200-400g/m2. The overall process is: adjustable return φ450 – four round net ordinary sizing (φ1250) – one preload (Φ550 / Φ500) – two main presses φ700 / φ650 – 10 φ1500 dryer – horizontal roll paper machine.

Data of 1800 Four Wires Multi Cylinders Paper Machine

  • Paper Grade: Yarn paper
  • Grammage: 200~400 g/㎡
  • Trimmed width: 1800 mm
  • Design speed: 40 m/min
  • Operating speed: 15~ 35 m/min
  • Gauge: 2800 mm
  • The Main technical requirements of each part of the paper machine

  • 1. Back section
  • 1.1 Back roll
  • standard:φ450×2500mm
    quantity: 1
    material:Cast iron roll body, surface covered with glue, glue thickness 20mm, rubberized hardness “A” 97 ° ± 2 °. Cast iron bulkhead.
    race head:Material is 45# steel,modulation processing
    lubrication method:grease lubricationb

  • 1.2 Machine frame:
  • quantity: 1suit
    description:The entire frame is welded with a high-quality steel plate, and the relevant frames are precision-machined to achieve the same operation accuracy. The detailed structure is shown in the figure.

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