1350 Type ZWJK Overfeed high speed Paper Rewinding Machine

Rewinder machine

This product is mainly applied to the net paper width ≦ 1350mm, 100-500g/m2 paper rewinding. Put the original paper roll on the unwinding stand of the rewinder and rewinding it into final paper roll according to the width & tightness requirement.

Technical specification

Base weight: 100-500g/m2
Paper trimmed width: 1350mm
Working speed: 350m/min
Balance speed: 500m/min
Maximum original paper roll diameter:φ1800mm
Maximum finished paper roll diameter: φ1800mm
Motor: 18.5kwh

This rewinding machine consists of framework device, slitting device, paper retreat device, driving device, supporting device, paper roll tension device, paper push device, hydraulic pressure system and electricity machines, etc. Leizhan supply high quality rewinder machine for paper making friends, we can send professionals to help customers install the machine and guide the operation, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.