12T/D Tissue Paper Making Project

toilet paper making machine

Leizhan presented a program for toilet paper production projects in South Africa’s paper mills, and supply paper machines for this paper making line. Capacity of this tissue paper production line is 10-12t/24h, you can see this solution and compared with your paper mill, hope to have a little help for you.

Main tachnical specification:

Finished product:tissue paper

Trim width: 1880mm

Work speed: 220m/min


Rail gauge:2700mm

Main structure instruction

This machine adopts Upside down pulp sizing, mainly composed by felt washing, cylinder section, dryer section, reeling, drive, steam hood, etc.

Leizhan supply the whole set paper making machine, which contain pulping process and papermaking process. In pulping process you may need Pulper equipment, Cleaner equipment, Coarse and fine pressure screen, all this you can see in our company, welcome to consult us or email to us.