ZFM Flotation Deinking Machine

It is a new generation of deinking equipment developed by our company. A separation device with special structure is used to form a multi-stage flotation with distinct layers, which prevents the mixing of pulp between different flotation stages. The unique device structure promotes the internal pulp circulation, and the air in the pulp is used for many times, improving the utilization rate of the air and the deinking rate.

This machine has advantages of high deinking efficiency, high whiteness and brightness of the deinked pulp, low fiber loss and energy consumption, less occupied area and easy operation. The concentration of exclusion ink can reach 3% or more. It can be controlled automatically.

Flotation deinking machine is suitable for deinking various waste paper of domestic and overseas. Some light stickies and plastics can be significantly removed. There is no need to clean during normal operation process and the flotation tank is always filled with pulp and foam.
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