Whole Corrugated Paper Making Line For Customer From HuNan

The paper mill in HuNan province purchase the whole Corrugated Paper Making Line from our company, include paper pulp product line and corrugated paper machine.

Details of Corrugated Paper Making Machine

  • Paper Grades: Corrugated paper
  • Basis weight range: 90~180 g/m²
  • Design basis weight: 120 g/ m²
  • Corrugated carton production line recycling plant machines to make paper roll uses raw material of waste paper pulp or other kinds of pulp to make new well selling paper.

    Process of Corrugated Paper Making Line

    Raw materials (waste paper)——pulper——vibrating sieve——pulp tank——pulp pump ——bleach machine(thruster)——refiner machine——pulp tank——pulp pump—pressure sieve——pulp tank—— pulp pump——except sand machine——net box——cylinder——blanket——paper making machine——drying——roll paper——the big finished jumbo paper —— process machine—corrugated paper

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