White Board Paper Making Machine For Paper Mill

White Boare Paper Making Machine Brief Introduction:

White board paper making machine is mainly used for manufacture of cardboard and corrugated paper. White board paper making machine is composed of a head box, a wire part, a press part, a front drying part, a bevel sizing machine, a post drying part, a calender part, and a roll part.

White Boare Paper Making Machine Specification:

Paper grade white board paper
Trimmed width(mm) 1880-5800
Basis weight(g/m2) 80-220
Operating speed(m/min) 150-800
Production capacity(t/d) 45-750


For each project, our company will let engineers design paper machine products that suit the needs of customers. Even if the customer is the first time to dismiss the paper industry, we will help the customer and let the customer really understand the needs. According to the drawings, we must be accountable to our customers.

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