Waste Paper Recycling Machine for 150tpd Corrugated Paper Making

Paper pulp machine
Jiangxi Chongren Jinan New Material Packaging Company set up a new 150t/d corrugated paper making line, and purchased D type hydrapulper, High density cleaner, M.C. Pressure screen(coarse and fine screen), Light impurity separator, Reject separator, etc.

Project information

Time: 2017.12.18
Customer name: Jiangxi Chongren Jinan New Material Packaging Company
Address: Jiangxi Chongren, China
Project: 150t/d corrugated paper making line
Delivered equipment: M.C Pressure Screen, Reject separator, Pulp pump, etc.

The complete corrugated paper making line use waste paper as raw material, need pulper, cleaner, screening, refiner, etc. Customer visit our factory and the working site, our rich experience and many successful case make they trust us, and finally decide order the equipment in our company, if you have the same need, feel free to contact us.