Waste Paper Making Carton Cardboard Paper Recycling Plant

kraft paper machine

Our company can offer you the whole carton cardboard paper making line, include paper pulp making line, paper making machine and paper machine spare parts.

Kraft Paper Machine Technical Parameter:/

  • 1.raw material:recycle paper;
    2.Output paper style: Kraft paper
    3.Output paper weight: 80-300 g/m2
  • You can send email to us or leave message on this website if you need paper or paper pulp making machine, our business manager will send you machine details and price soon.

    We are professional manufacturer for paper making machine, and our factory is located in Henan province. Welcome to visit our factory in any time if you have free time. You can check our production ability, processing ability, our facilities and running paper production line. What is more , you can discuss with engineers directly , and learn the machines well .

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