Waste Newspaper Deinking Line Process

deinking machine

Waste paper deinking is one of the effective measures to achieve sustainable development of paper industry, waste paper deinking is the process of separating the ink from the fiber under the appropriate temperature and mechanical external force and then separating it from the pulp.

Waste Newspaper Deinking Line Process

Raw material: 100% waste newspaper

Capacity: 20t/24h

Finished paper: toilet paper

Need equpment: H.C. hydrapulper, Unloading slurry pump, High density cleaner, M.C pressure screen(coarse screening), Vibrating screen, M.C. pressure screen(fine screening), Deinking machine, etc.

Deinking process

  1. Separate fiber
  2. Separate the ink from the fiber
  3. Remove the ink particles from the slurry

Ink is printed by the ink in the pigment particles adhere to the paper fiber, the principle of deinking and the printing principle is opposite, is to destroy these particles on the fiber adhesion. The increase in waste paper also means that deinking equipment is one of the most active parts of the paper chain in terms of equipment and process innovation.