Waste Newapaper Recycling Paper Machine

The waste newapaper recycling paper machine stands out with its remarkable production capacity, capable of generating a whopping 100 tons per day. This staggering output empowers paper mills to meet customer demands in a more efficient and effective manner. By adopting this waste newapaper recycling paper machine, paper manufacturers can optimize their performance and consistently deliver exceptional paper quality.

Some Paper Equipment List

1. Chain conveyor: BFW1400, Chain plate width1400mm, inclined angle22°, 15kw power

2. Drum hydrapulper : ZG2750, Drum diameter2750mm, capacity 120~150t/d, break consistency14~18%, screen consistency3~4%, 160kw power

3. 1st stage coarse pressure screen: ZNS1.2, Mid consistency pressure screen:screen area1.2m2, hole diameterΦ1.6mm, screen consistency 2.5~4%, 90kw power

4. Reject separator: PZ2, Consistency 1~1.5%, holw diameterΦ5mm, 30kw power

5. 1st stage fine press screen: ZNS3, Outflow pressure screen:screen area3.0m2, slot0.18mm, screen consistency0.8~1%, 110kw power

6. Double disc refiner: DD600, Refiner diameterΦ600mm, input consistency2~5%,120~150 t/d , 250kw power

With increased production capabilities, paper manufacturers can now efficiently cater to the growing market needs and maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Welcome to contact us for details. Email address: leizhanworld@gmail.com