Washing Technique of Felt in Papermaking

The dirty Felt will reduce the dewatering efficiency of the press section, bring the bad influences to the paper machine. Washing can remove dirt from papermaker’s Felt, recover its elasticity and thickness, improve its straining ability, eater content and porosity, and prolong service life.

Request of Felt Washing Water

The water can be used after purification and filtration treatment of water supply projects. After the water treated by the water supply project is filtered through a sieve equivalent to 100 mesh, the water quality requirements for wet Felt washing can be basically met.

Mechanical Washing Technology of Felt washing

  • High pressure mobile sprinkler.

The sufficient water pressure is used to break up the fine fibers, fillers and the like on the surface of the felt, so that the dirt in the Felt structure is loosened to facilitate the subsequent process. The fibrous layer in the Felt structure is restored to a thick bottom and elasticity, and the effective water volume of the felt is maintained.

  • Low Pressure Fan Spray Pipe of Felt Washing

Further flushing the dirt that is broken up by the high-pressure water, which is beneficial to dilute the water, which is beneficial to be sucked up by the vacuum suction box. The surface of the Felt is provided with a uniform water film, which acts as a lubrication between the Felt and the vacuum suction box panel to reduce wear and seal on the surface of the vacuum suction box, thereby forming a stable and high vacuum, and effectively removing the Felt water

  • Vacuum Suction Box of Felt Washing

Effectively remove the moisture and dirt in the blanket by vacuum suction, improve the dryness of the blanket as much as possible, maintain the good air permeability and water filtration of the blanket, and make the blanket banner evenly dehydrated.

Chemical Washing of Felt

  • Nonionic surfactant. Both in acidic, basic or neutral conditions, nonionic surfactant have a very good emulsification, may be used in conjunction with other chemicals
  • Acid substance. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, etc. can be used alone, if used together with nonionic surfactants, the washing effect is better. Melting metal salts
  • Alkali substance. Alkali detergents mainly contain sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, which can effectively remove rosin gum.