Washing And Screening During Papermaking

Paper pulp machine

The purpose of washing is to separate the waste liquid from the pulp, to ensure the cleaning of the pulp, and to make good operating conditions for the screening and bleaching of the next process. It is important to protect the washing waste as much as possible in order to recover or make comprehensive use. Therefor, need to ensure the pulp washing quality, the water consumption should be less.

Screening is also an indispensable part of the pulping process. There are 1~5% unsteamed solution in the slurry after cooking. Screening is remove fibrous impurities from the pulp by mechanical equipment. Can be divided into coarse and fine screen. Purification is to remove non-fibrous impurities.

According to its size and fiber, it is separated by screen, which is called pulp screening. The other is the process of using gravity or centrifugation in a way that is larger in proportion to its impurities, called purification.

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