Vertical Hydrapulper For Waste Paper Recycling


The Pulper is the first and important equipment in producing waste paper stock, and the most wildly used kind of pulper is the vertical hydraulic pulper. As a result, to do research on developing pulpers of high efficiency, low energy-consumption and running balance is of great importance.

Vertical Hydrapulper

The Horizontal hydrapulper is used a few years ago technology, the slurry decomposition effect of the horizontal structure is poor, contrary to the vertical hydrapulper crushing effect is better.

The Hydrapulper has several notable advantages:
1. Cleansing the fiber without cutting effect.
2. High production efficiency, ease time is short, low power consumption.
3. Simple structure, easy maintenance, low cost, small footprint.
4. Easy to operate, the scope of application, can handle a variety of waste paper and pulp.
5. Can achieved continuous and automated operation.

Hydrapulpers Leizhan Supplied have differently types to meet the production needs, like D type hydrapulper, H.C. Hydrapulper, M.C. Hydrapulper, etc., all this is Vertical Hydrapulper, if you have any need, feel free to contact us.