Using Site Of Multi Disc Thickener In Dongmiao

On March 14, 2023, Leizhan visited Dongmiao’s multi-disc thickener. The multi-disc thickener provided by Leizhan has a high safety factor and high production efficiency. All parts in contact with the pulp of the multi-disc thickener are made of stainless steel, and Leizhan can provide vulnerable parts.

Multi disc thickener is mainly used for washing and thickening low-consistency pulp. Multi-disc thickener provided by Leizhan greatly increases the filtration area, occupies a small area and has a large production capacity. The multi-disc thickener adopts stainless steel filter screen, which has a long service life. The reasonable cleaning and stripping structure of the multi-disc thickener makes the filter screen not easy to block and has strong dehydration ability.

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