Unbleached Kraft Paper Making Line

Unbleached Kraft Paper Making Line

Leizhan can supply optimized unbleached kraft paper making line for paper mills to meet increasingly needs of unbleached kraft paper. Leizhan engineers and experts can design and offer customized unbleached kraft paper making solution and help paper makers to improve production capacity with Leizhan unbleached kraft paper & pulp making machine.

Raw Material: waste paper, white shavings, wood pulp, straw pulp, etc.
Finished Paper: unbleached kraft paper
Plant: Unbleached Kraft Paper Making Plant

Unbleached Kraft Paper Pulp Making Machine

Machine and equipment used for unbleached kraft paper pulping process contains:

Pulping machine: Drum pulper or D type hydrapulper
Pulp cleaning machine: High density cleaner, Low density cleaner
Pulp screening machine: Mid consistency pressure screen, Vibrating screen, Light impurity separator, etc.
Pulp refining machine: Double disc refiner, Conical refiner, etc.
Chain conveyor, Pulp pump, Pulp chest agitator, etc.