Toilet Paper Machine For Sale

Toilet paper machine

Toilet paper machine Leizhan supplied for paper plants can highly improve the efficiency, reduce consumption and investment of the full paper production line. We design the best solution for customers to make the high quality paper machine play the greatest role in paper production process.

Toilet paper making divides into wood pulp processing line and toilet paper machine

Toilet paper machine

Paper grade: High grade toilet paper

Trimmed width: 3000mm

GSM: 13~30g/㎡

Center distance: 3900mm

Capacity: 10t/d

Working speed: 160~180m/min

This paper machine adopt Division  transmission, Frequency & speed adjust control, can achieve precise control of the paper machine.

100% Wood pulp preparation line

High grade  toilet paper use wood pulp as raw material, the fiber yield is almost 100%. Use M.C. Hydrapulper to break the wood pulp and High density cleaner remove heavy impurity in wood pulp. Then Inclined screen will be used for washing and thickening of wood pulp, and pulp refining system equipment Claflin refiner and Double disc refiner will be used for cutting fiber and improve beating degree of pulp.