Toilet Kitchen Tissue Paper Making Machine From Virgin Pulp

This tissue machine mainly uses waste paper or wood pulp as raw materials to produce new paper such as toilet paper and tissue paper. We can provide a complete pulp and paper production line.

Machine Specification of Toilet kitchen tissue paper making machine brief introduction

Output paper
good quality toilet paper
Trimmed width
The paper grams
Main performance parameters
The capacity
Work Speed
The drive style
frequency control and sub step

Main Features of Toilet kitchen tissue paper making machine brief introduction

main feature
1) This machine adopts PLC computer programming technology, continuously variable pneumatic and hydraulic braking, and man-machine interface operation.

2) Proper operation, superior performance, continuous and efficient work.

3) Spiral floating punch, low noise, use harmless broken paper, is an ideal equipment for the production and processing of various cheap, sanitary, rewinding paper.

4) Simple operation on board here. The paper is automatically positioned, and the paper conveying mechanism is inserted into the elastic adjustment device.

5) Rewinding process is even. By compacting the adjustment device, the uneven phenomenon of tight winding is effectively solved.

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