Tissue Paper Machine For Sale

Tissue paper machine

The tissue machine has always been the hottest paper machine in Leizhan, and why so much customers want to buy tissue paper machine? and what’s the reason that paper making friends prefer to select paper machine in Leizhan company?

Tissue paper machine

Firstly tissue paper is used widely in our life, there is a big market of tissue paper.

Secondly the making process of tissue paper is more simple compared with other type paper.

Need to pay attention to the problem of tissue paper machine

1. The surface of the rolls are kept clean and can not touch and scratch the surface, while preventing corrosion, the roller surface can not touch all kinds of grease

2. Each section of the drive bearing should be timely filling.

3. Polyester network (copper wire), felts, pumps, vacuum pump should be supply water at first, no water should be shut down, etc.

Advantage of Leizhan Company paper machine

1. We not only can supply tissue paper machine, but also supply pulping line for you, so you can save many time and money to develop a complete paper making line contain pulping line and papermaking line.

2. From Process design, equipment manufacture, factory design to installation, commissioning and training, our engineer full participation.

3. We have produce paper machine for 37 years, have a lot of successful cooperation cases at home and abroad, many customers will buy back our machine.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, our professional managers are always online.