Things To Note In The Paper Machine Wet Part

The chemistry of the wet part in paper machines is a sophisticated and interactive system involving fibers, water, chemical additives, fillers, and ionic charges. These components work together in a delicate balance of stability and disruption. As a leading manufacturer of paper machines, Leizhan Machinery offers top-notch equipment for the wet part to meet the needs of our customers.

Details of Paper Machine Wet Part

1. The quantity and quality of slurry must be uniform;

2. Check the inherent performance of the batching equipment;

3. Calibrate the flow meter regularly;

4. The concentration of broken paper is not well controlled. Broken paper should be screened and measured before entering the system like other components;

5. Control anionic waste. The source of harmful dissolved substances is within the paper machine or transfer system.

The key is to establish a reliable and continuous control system to avoid excessive accumulation at any point in the system. For further information on the wet part equipment of the paper machine, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at the following email address: